is dead.


Paperplane was a static web hosting service that integrated with Dropbox and Github, made by Kyle and Tony. It shut down on April 20, 2020.

If you were a user of Paperplane, you should have received an email with details specific to your account. If you didn't get the email, or weren't a user and are just curious, here's some more info helpfully formatted as a series of questions.

My site stopped working! How do I fix it?
You will need to move the contents of your site to another provider. Your site content should still exist in either Dropbox or GitHub. If you had a custom domain pointed at Paperplane, you will need to redirect this to your new hosting provider. If you were using a Paperplane subdomain (e.g., this domain no longer exists and you will need to start over with a new provider.
How do I get my site content?
All your site content continues to exist in Dropbox or Github. In Dropbox, you can find all your sites in this directory:
What will you do with my personal data?
We care about the privacy of your data and we don't want to be responsible for it getting into the wrong hands later. We have wiped the database, caches, and any identifiable data in 3rd party tools. This includes any of your site content we had cached, your social auth data, and our analytics.
I was a paying customer. What happened to my billing information?
If you had an active paid account, February 2020 was the last time we billed you. We used Stripe as our billing provider, so we never had access to your complete credit card information. We have deleted everything we had except minimal historical records that may include your email address plus the date and amount of payments.
Will you process GDPR-related requests?
If you would like to exercise your "right to be forgotten" under GDPR, rest assured that we have legally forgotten you, but we'll never forget your impact on our hearts. <3 (We have already deleted everything, so there is no need to send a request.)
Can I contact you?
You can seen an email to, though we do not plan to regularly monitor that inbox.