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Paperplane.io Is Shutting Down

After almost 9 years on the internet, it’s time for Paperplane.io to shut down. If you’re an existing user, you should have received an email with details specific to your account. In general, here’s what you need to know:
When will my sites stop working?
Sites will continue to work until April 20, 2020.
How do I get my site content?
All your site content will continue to exist in Dropbox or Github, even after we shut down.
How do I keep my sites working?
See below for info about transitioning your custom domains. Note that sites without custom domains will stop working on April 20. That is, you can’t take your paperplane.io domain with you.
Will you still bill me?
If you have an active paid account, February 2020 will be the last time we bill you.
What will you do with my personal data?
We care about the privacy of your data and we don't want to be responsible for it getting into the wrong hands later. After we shut everything down, we’ll wipe the database, caches, and any identifiable data in 3rd party tools. This includes your site content, social auth data, and analytics. An exception is billing history in Stripe, which we may need to hold on to for a bit longer. However, when we turn off billing, we’ll delete all payment information.
Can I still use paperplane.io before the shutdown?
You can still sign in to get a list of your sites, but we've disabled new site creation. Feel free to email us at support@paperplane.io.

Transitioning your site

All your site content is in your Dropbox or Github accounts. Below are a few other services to consider. We don’t have much experience with these, so your results may vary.

If you’d like to keep your content hosted in Dropbox, check out:

If you are more technical and looking for a free or near-free option, you might consider:

If you’d like to try something less giant-tech-company, here are a few things to check out that seem cool: