Logo.sm paperplane.io

Radically simple static hosting.

Dropbox (or GitHub) in. Website out.

Free to try, of course.

Static hosting should be simple.

But it's not. FTP credentials. S3 bucket policies. Git. GoDaddy. We've used all of these, but we wanted something easier.

paperplane is easy. Pick a name, point us to your files, and you're done. And custom domains are as simple as a quick DNS change. Radical!

No uploading files! Just put files in Dropbox or Push to GitHub.

We're flexible. Like a yoga instructor.

Dropbox or GitHub. We'll downward dog your favorite formats into a website for your personal projects, client mockups, or presentations.

$ 9/mo Free to try forever: no custom domains, 3 site limit

Pricing for humans

No GBs or domain counting. Unlimited domains, soft limits on traffic (that you'll probably never hit). No ads, add-ons, or other nonsense, all for 1 easy price.